Bullet the Movie Starring Danny Trejo, Jonathan Banks, Julia Dietze

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Return to the macho glory days of shootouts, explosions, and killer one-liners with Bullet, a gritty action epic every real man should own!

International film star, Danny Trejo, is Frank “Bullet” Marasco, a tough-talking, no-nonsense cop whose fists are every bit as deadly as his gun. When ruthless mob boss Carlito Kane (Jonathan Banks) kidnaps the governor’s daughter, and Bullet’s grandson, the streets of Los Angeles become a very deadly place to be. Gunshots ring out and tires squeal as Bullet ditches his badge and goes looking to wipe out Kane’s evil army one henchman at a time. With the clock ticking on his grandson’s life, Bullet tracks Kane to a desert hideout for a pulse-pounding, mano-a-mano Mexican standoff. Bodies pile up and blood soaks the ground as Bullet bets his life that he can break even the baddest of bad guys!


  • Nick Lyon

Executive Producers

  • April Bennett
  • Simon Crowe
  • Chris Moujaes


  • Danny Trejo
  • Torsten Voges
  • Jonathan Banks
  • Eve Mauro
  • Seri DeYoung
  • Eric St. John
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